How MyKhaana Works

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    Login to MyKhaana App to browse multiple options for home-cooked meals served by verified KitchenStars around you. Browse your choice of cuisine or a dish you feel like eating.

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    Choose from our affordable range of 'Quick Menu' and 'Special' Menu options from our verified KitchenStars. Finding a regional specialty or an option with your choice of dietary habit is easy on MyKhaana!

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    Pay online from host of payment options to confirm your order. Sit back and relax while our KitchenStar freshly prepares your meal.

  • Eat

    Our KitchenStar carefully packs your meal and hands-over to our delivery partner who insta-delivers to your doorstep completely contactless. Enjoy your food and remember what we always say "Khushi se Khao..Khushi se Khilao"


MyKhaana has built a community of home-chefs who we call 'KitchenStars'. KitchenStars serve meals from their own homes and offer you their regional specialities. Bored of tiffin food which serves you same aloo subzi daily? Tired of eating fried unhygienic stale restaurant food? On MyKhaana, our KitchenStars offer you their specialties – regional or otherwise! Craving for some Punjabi Aloo Paranthas? Or Sindhi daal kadhi? Or maybe Maharashtrian varan bhaat? How about Kolkata's Baingan Bhaja? Or just some no-frills comfort food like daal chawal? We got you covered! Order now!

Carefully Crafted Menu

Carefully Crafted Menu

Our expert chefs have curated a mix of options which include no-frills 'Quick Menu' and 'Special Menu' which includes our KitchenStar specials. We guarantee you will feel hungry when you see our menu!

Verified KitchenStars

Verified KitchenStars

Our KitchenStars are trained to provide you hygienic food and we continuously work with them to ensure top-notch quality and you receive meals from a home-kitchen just as good as yours!

Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep Delivery

Tired of placing orders in advance? We delivery instantly! Our riders deliver you carefully packed meals from our KitchenStar within 45 minutes! We offer contactless delivery, enjoy you meal care-free!

Easy and Affordable

Easy and Affordable

We have made it easy & affordable for you to have home-food daily. Not keeping well? Doctor has advised to eat home food? Quit spending a bomb on ordering restaurant food. Bank on MyKhaana!


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Join our KitchenStar Programme

Home-chefs who serve meals to our consumers on MyKhaana are not just chefs, they are KitchenStars! Come join our KitchenStar Programme and start earning from your home! Our hassle-free process enables you to join our platform and start serving meals to our patrons instantly! You earn while you pursue your passion for cooking and gain recognition in your community as people rave about your cooking to their friends!

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MyKhaana is a platform that connects kitchenstars (home chefs) with the foodies in the community who are looking to have fresh, healthy and homemade meal. Khushi se Khao…Khushi se Khilao is our motto and we bring happiness to all our consumers and kitchenstars alike. It is a marketplace for homemade, authentic food, all created by neighbourhood home chefs. MyKhaana helps kitchenstars monetize their kitchens and passion for cooking while keeping the financial benefits in their community. MyKhaana also promotes connection, community and trust with the help of app technology.

Our purpose is to do good by doing right. Our mission is to act as a tech-based catalyst for creating entrepreneurial opportunity and recognition for millions of home chefs by providing a marketplace to serve consumers who crave healthy and hygienic home cooked meals at affordable prices.